Emphasis on economic, social and environmental responsibility

Managing and developing Ahlström Capital Group’s business and activities in a responsible way is something Ahlström Capital is seriously committed to. Ahlström Capital’s mission is to create consistent long-term shareholder value by making high quality investments and managing and developing assets actively and responsibly.

For Ahlström Capital, responsibility means investing with a long-term horizon and making investments that create value over time. Ahlström Capital screens new investment opportunities carefully from a responsibility perspective. This way, Ahlström Capital aims to continue the family’s long history and legacy as well as to increase the company’s value for future generations.

Ahlström Capital also expects that responsibility is embedded in the operations of its portfolio companies. All portfolio companies are committed to environmental, social and economic responsibility and open dialogue with stakeholders. The most important stakeholders are shareholders, employees, portfolio companies and their stakeholders, such as suppliers and customers, and other business partners, including banks, advisors, and different authorities.

In Ahlström Capital Group’s own operations, economic responsibility means ensuring Ahlström Capital’s profitability in order to build long-term value for shareholders, other stakeholders and for the society as a whole. Ahlström Capital’s profitability is essential in developing its portfolio companies responsibly as it ensures their continuous development, even in economically challenging times.

Social responsibility means ensuring the safety and well-being of Ahlström Capital’s own employees, choosing the business partners and portfolio companies that conduct their business in an ethical way and acting in accordance with the Ahlström family’s values.

Environmental responsibility means, among other things, operating in a way that minimizes the environmental impacts, researching renewable energy solutions, maintaining forest biodiversity and acting responsibly in forest harvesting. The focus areas naturally affect and support each other. For example, investments in cleantech companies offer commercial opportunities through solving environmental challenges.


Ahlström Capital supports the efforts of CMI to promote peace worldwide​

Ahlström Capital and the Eva Ahlström foundation support the efforts of Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) to promote peace worldwide. Former President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari founded CMI in 2000 to solve and prevent violent conflicts through negotiation and dialogue.

In the Ahlström family, bearing social responsibility is something that runs in the blood. The founders of the family business, Antti and Eva Ahlström, were important philanthropists at the end of the 19th century. The Eva Ahlström Foundation was established in 2010. Both Ahlström Capital and the Foundation support CMI's efforts to solve the world's toughest violent conflicts.

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