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Ahlström Collective Impact

Ahlström Capital has joined Ahlström Collective Impact (ACI) initiative – a corporate social responsibility initiative to support UNICEF’s work for a better future for children. ACI was founded in 2020 and it is a new co-operation model between the Ahlström Network and UNICEF Finland. ACI is designed for targeted strategic investments that support the realisation of selected United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Today, ACI consists of Ahlström Capital and its portfolio companies Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Enics, Glaston and Suominen as well as Antti Ahlström Perilliset, Eva Ahlström Foundation and Walter Ahlström Foundation. In 2021, ACI decided to direct its investment of EUR 600,000 into UNICEF’s Global Education Program. Ahlström Capital’s contribution was EUR 100,000.

ACI focused on the learning crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic widened deep gaps in access to quality education, therefore increasing inequality. Safeguarding children’s education is crucial in order to safeguard their future. UNICEF’s Global Education Program plays an important part in this. To address the learning crisis, UNICEF strives to ensure every student gains a solid foundation in basic reading and mathematics – skills that are the foundation for all learning throughout childhood and beyond.

In 2021, a programme for ACI ambassadors was launched. ACI ambassadors are employees and shareholders of Ahlström Network companies that drive and implement ACI’s vision and take the initiative to campaigns and events (such as World Children’s Day) into life locally. Moreover, ACI ambassadors also learn about UNICEF and children’s rights, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and social responsibility.

Read our press release here.

Visit the Ahlström Collective Impact’s website here.