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Sustainability – a prerequisite for long-term value creation

As a family-owned investment company, we have a long-term approach and we develop our portfolio companies in a sustainable way. We at Ahlström Capital believe that sustainability is a prerequisite for creating long-term value. At Ahlström Capital, we are committed to promoting responsible business practices in our portfolio companies and to conducting sustainable asset management of our real estate and forest investments. Our values – ambition and responsibility – guide all our operations. The Sustainability Policy defines the framework for Ahlström Capital’s sustainability work.

As a responsible investor, we continuously improve our environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact and performance in our own operations and in our investments. As an owner, we can contribute most to a sustainable ecology and the development of society through the capital we provide, the engaged ownership role we take and through the employment, innovations, products and services that our portfolio companies provide.


Focus AreaActionsSDG Impact
Climate change
  • as an investor, we take the role to accelerate the transition to sustainable low-carbon economy
  • the built environment and the total amount of carbon stored in tree trunks affect our carbon footprint
  • targeting climate neutrality
Resource efficiency
  • increasing resource efficiency and investing in new, sustainable technologies are key for developing our companies as leaders in the industry
11, 12
  • managing our forests in a highly sustainable way
  • identifying areas that are particularly vital for biodiversity and excluding them from forestry activities


Focus AreaActionsSDG Impact
Employee well-being
  • emphasise good leadership to support personal development
  • all employees are treated equally, fairly and with respect regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, faith, religion, age or other characteristics protected by law
  • improving employee satisfaction increases employee commitment and motivation
5, 8
Health and safety
  • improving processes and way of working to prevent accident
  • provide a best-in-class working environment for our employees
  • targeting 0 accidents


Focus AreaActionsSDG Impact
Business ethics
  • high ethical standards and compliance requirements defined in the Code of Conduct and supplementing policies
  • combat corruption and bribery
  • child rights in the whole value chain
8, 16
governance model
  • foundation in AC’s ownership model with clear roles and responsibilities
  • sustainability guidelines define the expectation applicable to all portfolio companies
  • targeting streamlined governance and compliance processes
8, 16

Impact through active ownership

As an owner, Ahlström Capital’s primary influence is through board representation. Sustainability is integrated in the value creation plans developed for each portfolio company. Our material ESG topics have been identified and are incorporated in the screening processes and business development work of our portfolio companies. We evaluate in the investment process whether there is an opportunity for us to impact the development of the target company towards sustainable business transformation. We also assess the ESG risks and opportunities related to each investment case. In 2021, Ahlström Capital acquired M&J Recycling, the waste recycling business of Metso ­Outotec. This acquisition broadens Ahlström Capital’s portfolio in the field of circular economy and offers us the opportunities for sustainable value creation.

In the business development work of our existing portfolio, we follow both the ESG focus areas defined by Ahlström Capital and the industry specific ESG topics that are material for the portfolio companies. All our portfolio companies need to manage, monitor and evaluate ESG risks, opportunities and value creation possibilities. The Board of Directors of the portfolio companies are expected to decide on relevant targets for each company. We monitor the development and discuss the actions and targets set for a sustainable development of each company.

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Ahlström Capital is committed to the United Nations ten principles of the Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

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Ahlström Capital has joined Ahlström Collective Impact initiative – a corporate social responsibility initiative to support UNICEF’s work for a better future for children.

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